Exploring Europe By Train: Your Guide to Europe's Top Sights

Traveling by train in Europe is an unforgettable experience. From the bustling streets of London to the winding canals of Amsterdam, discover some of the continent’s most amazing sights while taking in the scenery along the way. With our guide, you’ll learn how to plan your journey and make sure it runs smoothly.

Research Your Train Options and Decide on a Route.

Before you start planning your grand voyage, it’s important to do some research on the various train options available in Europe. Look into fast day trains (often called Intercity or EuroCity), overnight trains (known as night trains), and high-speed rail connections that connect multiple countries. Once you’ve researched all of your options, choose a route that fits your interests and budget. You can use the various train operator websites to find out more information about schedules, routes, and prices.

Select the Passes, Tickets, and Packages That Best Suit Your Needs.

After you’ve chosen your routes and booked your tickets, it’s time to look into train passes. Depending on how many countries and cities you plan to visit, there are a variety of passes available for purchase. For example, if you’re traveling throughout Germany, look into the German Rail Pass, which offers discounted fares for up to four consecutive days of travel. It’s also important to consider various package deals that include discounts on accommodations and attractions along your journey.

Consider Interrailing for a Flexible Journey that Adapts to You.

Interrailing is another great way to explore Europe by train. An Interrail pass is a travel document that allows travelers to use an unlimited number of trains during specified travel periods. It offers flexibility, allowing you to plan your routes and stops as you go, allowing you to make spontaneous changes along the way! Plus, extra discounts are available for younger travelers.

Explore in Comfort – Make Sure You Have Enough Space for Everyone!

Make the most of your Interrailing experience by travelling in comfort. Ensure that you have enough space for everyone, especially on longer journeys, or if your group includes older travelers. Invest in comfortable sleepers and coaches with extra legroom to make your journey even more memorable and enjoyable. Your rail pass will give you access to carriages with plenty of space and free WiFi.

Prepare for Your Trip with our Packing List of Essential Items.

Before you set off, make sure your packing list is complete so that you are ready for all eventualities. Essential items you need include a valid passport and identification, a small backpack or handbag to carry on the train, comfortable shoes suitable for walking, sunscreen and insect repellent, snacks and drinks to keep you hydrated during the journey, an up-to-date Interrail pass and train schedule and any other items personally needed such as medications. Make sure not to overpack – bulky suitcases will be difficult to manage on the train.