How to Find Cheap Flights - 10 Essential Tips

Planning a trip, but not sure how to find the cheapest flights? Don’t worry–there are ways to save on airfare with just a few simple steps. Read on to learn our top 10 tips and strategies for finding cheap flights in no time.

Research Seasonal Flight Prices in Advance.

To find the best deals on airfares, research and compare flight prices for the same destination at different times of the year. This can be a great way to save money, as prices tend to increase significantly during peak travel periods. Try and book flights as far in advance as possible, as this will help you get the best deals without sacrificing your preferred dates. With a bit of planning, you’ll be sure to find the flight that fits your budget.

Choose the Cheapest Day to Fly.

One of the best ways to find cheap flights is to choose the cheapest day to fly. Research shows that most domestic flights are cheaper on weekdays compared to weekends, so opt for Tuesday or Thursday when possible. Additionally, try different flight departure and arrival times as airlines often release discounted fares during less desirable times (such as late night or early morning).
You can also search for “error fares” which occur when an airline mistakenly publishes a lower-than-normal fare. These tickets go quickly, so if you find one, be prepared to act fast and book your flight before the cost reverts back to normal! Finally, take advantage of budget airlines that often offer super cheap flights. By researching multiple airlines and comparing what they have to offer, you can find a great deal.

Try Alternative Airports.

One of the top tips for finding cheap flights is to consider airports other than your intended destination’s main airport. Many cities have multiple airports to choose from, so don’t limit yourself to the closest one. Flight search engines like Expedia, Skyscanner, and Kayak make comparing different airports easy. By including alternate airports you may find that you can save money on airfare while still getting to where you need to go!

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